Luke Hancock

“Art is to ask questions"
I have been painting and showing publicly for 25 years. Born in Wellington, then relocated to the rural, western side of Tasman Bay, Nelson. I always enjoyed and was encouraged to explore art of various kinds, while growing up in that idyllic, free environment.
I enrolled in a four year design course in 1989. By the end of my time there painting was my primary means of expression – for something unspoken – and it has remained my major source of interest and challenge in so many ways since then. 
I have continued to develop this unspoken visual language in new and diverse ways. I believe we all have our part to play. As we move into the future, we should ask how we want it to be for ourselves and our children; and what part we have to play in the communities we help to create. We all have different value to offer.
I also believe that most, if not all, art requires time and openness; two things we seem most challenged by in this post-post-post modern world. 
Drawing on many influences from the natural world and from art history I like to think I am free to use whatever medium I feel like using to express my ideas. I work intuitively. At some basic level we all respond to art in our own individual way, and that is how it should be: 'if we don’t feel it, we don’t get it.'
I believe we have entered an epoch in which all accepted modes of operation, regardless of industry, are being challenged at an extraordinary pace and it is fascinating to see (and reflect on) how we are adapting to and processing these changes….‘progress’.
There is just so much information to process, and that in itself has an impact.
I like the fact that I have moved on from my beginnings, and that I am un-developed in the doctrines of the academic art world. It gives me complete freedom to explore ‘new’ territory and different possibilities.
“When the head leaves the heart you’ve got problems."
Luke Hancock