Exaltation Eye

04 July 2018

By Andrew Ginther

The exhibition opens on 6 July.

Attempting to leave behind conventional optics based camera systems and the containment and conventions of that idiom of picture making Andrew started this body of work in 2017.

"I started to look closely at entoptic phenomena; imagery generated within the structure of the eye itself as depicted on the cave walls of Neolithic peoples some 40,000 years ago and what this might mean as an influence on the rise of photographic imagery. 
By focussing on entoptic phenomena as underpinning the development of the symbolic codification of objects, this became an inspiration for my own exploration of camera-less photography. I have created in this exhibition a series of work that tests the relationship between the modes of expression of representational and abstraction in art." - Andrew Ginther.

Andrew has been exhibiting photography and film nationwide for the past couple of decades. He has won and been selected as a finalist in several high profile awards in New Zealand.


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