Jay Hutchinson

23 January 2018

'Loosely based on a series of events that never actually happened including a conversation and an argument with my sister circa 1988'


An exhibition by Jay Hutchinson which opens at Eskdale Gallery on 2 February 2018 5pm



The imagery and inspiration for this series come from a reimagined adolescence. It plays with the distortion of memory and the confusion of child-hood and adolescence. This mining of childhood memories and experiences led to the creation of the work 'a conversation and an argument with my sister circa 1988'. The singular work features a ‘My little Pony’ and is Jay's largest hand-embroidery to date and measures 1380 x 1380mm, the embroidery took over 500 hours to complete.

Jay Hutchinson is a Dunedin based artist. He completed a Masters in Fine Arts from Dunedin Polytechnic in 2008. Hutchinson was born into an Air Force family in 1978, resulting in a constant shift between military installations throughout New Zealand and Singapore. This broken stability resulted in an unstable family environment reflected thematically in Hutchinson practice. Hutchinson has previously shown throughout New Zealand, Australia and China. He currently lives in Maia, Dunedin with his wife and cat.

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