Sarah Freiburger

05 June 2018

Into the unknown

Paintings by Sarah Freiburger


This year, both of Sarah’s focal points are connected by the theme of the unknown. This might be through abstract motive, the transition from light to dark or the unknown path lying ahead, which is hiding the destination of the journey. Therefore, everything is focussed on the journey alone, living in the now, knowing that everything is constantly changing around us dependent on our next steps.

Forest scenes remain part of her show. She has experimented with using a minimal colour palette on some of her paintings as well as mixing grey scale with complementary colours.

The other focal point shows a continuum between forest forms and a more open, abstract matter. She experiments with the effect of glazes and light play, which is enhanced through the application of silver or gold leaf. Sarah leaves the paintings untitled as she wants to evoke the viewers’ own interpretations.

Opening Friday, 8 June, 5pm

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